Industries Served

Hose and Tube Systems for High Tech and Agriculture

The Hose Shop serves an expansive field of industries with our products and services.  Our central location allows us to serve the vast and varied industries along the California coast, from the technological wonderland of the Silicon Valley to the many agricultural industries nestled in the Salinas Valley. We continue to uphold our high-level of safety and quality standards across the span of the industries and customers we work with.  This diversity allows us to increase our reach for innovative and streamlined ways to create customized products and provide outstanding customer service.  We provide comprehensive solutions for the following industries:

  • Industrial marketplace
  • High tech manufacturing
  • Wine industry
  • Commerical and home beer brewing
  • Carpet cleaning businesses
  • Pressure washing industry
  • High performance fittings for race cars and boats
  • Food harvesting and packaging
  • Medical Devices Co's
  • Contract Manufacturers
  • Military
  • and many more!

Hose Shop Has Thousands of Hoses and Tubes

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