Hose Fitting and Tube Services

The Hose Shop offers onsite fabrications from our Santa Cruz shop.  Customers work directly with our team of factory trained experts to get the best manufactured parts for the project.  We produce most parts while you wait so you can leave with a customized solution.  Our manufacturing services include:

  • Custom Hose Assembly & Bending: The Hose Shop produces all custom hose assemblies and made-to-order hose bending at our onsite facility. We can manufacture most hoses quickly and without an appointment.
  • Tube Bending & Flaring: Our custom tube bending and flaring fabrications can be specifically manufactured for a custom threaded fit. 
  • Industrial Hose Assembly: We are experts in the field of industrial hoses and fittings.  Our engineering team can build custom hoses for a variety of uses and functions in industrial settings.
  • Pressure & Leak Testing and Certification: The Hose Shop can specifically test and measure pressure levels and leaks for certification.  Our technicians are also available to design personalized solutions to improve or fix issues related to pressure, leaks, and threading. 
  • Silver Brazing: Our silver brazing techniques result in safe and secure joints. 
  • Certified Hydraulic Jack Hose Assembly: The Hose Shop is certified to build and assemble 10,000psi jack hoses.
  • Hose Crimping & Banding:  We provide hose crimping services for Parker hoses as well as other manufacturers and we adhere to strict industry regulations. Our banding service provides a secure and lasting fit for all of your hose and tubing needs. 

Route & Bin Services

We also supply our customers with individual and bulk products.  The Hose Shop offers route and bin services including scheduled stock checks from our trained specialists to assure the popular items in your inventory are always available for your customers.  We also label and organize your Hose Shop inventory as well as keep detailed records of your purchases for budgeting, sales, and marketing efforts. Working with the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, our bin services will provide your store with a custom selected inventory, professional training on product details, and a manageable organization system for optimal sales performance.

Factory Trained Experts

The Hose Shop offers our brick-and-mortar customers the opportunity to work with onsite factory sales personnel to provide expert inventory selection.  Direct from Parker and other top manufacturers, these industry professionals can provide the latest developments and best practices for taking full advantage of their products. 

Custom Kits & Packaging

The best fit is often a customized part which is tailored to the specifics of a project.  The Hose Shop offers custom kits and personalized packaging of our products to our customers.  Our kits include tubing, fittings, and valves for custom applications.  Our custom packaging includes part numbers to provide your business with a stronger marketing presence while also contributing to an organized inventory.

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